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Teacher and Traveler

My name is Nathan Allison and I teach high school in the DFW area. I have been leading students on educational tours since 2008 and I have recently started running private tours for educators only. My first tour was to Italy and Greece and after that I was hooked! I have experienced watching students and adults change in a matter of days on tour in ways that would never happen in the classroom. I have traveled every year since because of the impact it has on tour. I also lead training tours for teachers across the United States that are leading their first trip with students. So far I have co-led training tours with EF Tours to Rome (2x), Madrid (2x), Paris (2x), and Berlin. I have been with students to Japan, Ireland, Iceland, Wales, Scotland (2x), England (4x), Spain (4x), France (5x), Germany (4x), Austria (3x), Switzerland (4x), Italy (10x), Greece (4x), Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Poland, Czech Republic (2x), Slovakia (2x), Hungary (2x), and Belize.
Please contact me for details on upcoming trips:

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